Amelia Martens

Literary Arts Experience                                                                               

Poetry Instructor                                                                                                    Nov. 10-11, 2017

15th Annual Millikin Literary Festival, Milliken University

Invited by Director Dr. Stephen Frech to teach a generative workshop class, give a craft talk, and offer a reading of my work to high school, college, and community festival attendees on the campus of  Millikin University.

Poetry Instructor                                                                                                       July 9-15, 2017

The Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing

Invited by director Alexander Weinstein to teach two generative workshops, “The Pliable Prose Poem” and “Big World, Little World: Poems that Matter”, consult on student manuscripts, and give a reading during Week 1 of MVICW.

“The Pliable Prose Poem”, Workshop Instructor                                                     June 2017

Open Books Poetry Emporium, Seattle WA.

Taught a one day in-store generative workshop focused on the female history and current practices in the prose poem.

“Crossing Boundaries”, Panelist                                                                                 Nov. 2016

 Louisville Literary Arts, Writer’s Block Festival

Invited by the Board of Directors to participate on a panel focused on fluidity of forms with writers Erik Reece and Brandon Shatter.

“Exhilarating Highs and Terrifying Lows: Two Poets”, Panelist                             Oct. 2016

Southern Festival of Books

Invited to develop a panel with poet Tina Parker concerned with the complexities of poetic parenthood, feminism, and writing rituals.

Kentucky Rural Urban Exchange, Member                                                                        2016

Paducah, Harlan County, Lexington

Served as one of 80 participants from across Kentucky to create a network of integrated partnerships in key sectors (arts, health, social activism, business, and education) to address Kentucky’s social and economic future. Participants are matched across sectors and collaborate on a project over the two-year exchange cycle.

“The Art of the Chapbook”, Panelist                                                                         July 2016

MFA Summer Residency, Murray State University

Invited by Creative Writing Director Ann Neelon to join Vandana Khanna and Amy Wright in a discussion of the chapbook relating to form, book arts, personal approach, and pedagogy practices.

Poetry Manuscript Consultant                                                                                 2016-Present

Black Lawrence Press

Recruited by Executive Editor Diane Goettel to offer poetry consultations of individual poems, folios, chapbooks, and full-length manuscripts through the press.

Conference Class Instructor                                                                                  June 4-8, 2016

Indiana University Writers’ Conference

Invited by Conference Director Bob Bledsoe to design a four-day class open to all genre participants of the conference. “MicroMacro: The Prose Poem as the Best Nest” focused on demystifying the prose poem, valuing marginalized voices, and generative exercises.

“Lay it on the Line” Panelist                                                                                      April 2016

Southern Kentucky Book Fest, Western Kentucky University

Participated by invitation at SOKY Book Fest and presented as part of a panel also featuring Kathleen Driskell, Leatha Kendrick, Jane Olmsted, and Tom Hunley.

Poetry Workshop Craft Discussion and Class Visit                                                  April 2016

Indiana University

Invited by IU MFA Creative Writing Pedagogy Director Romayne Rubinas to meet with her undergraduate Advanced Poetry Workshop as part of their Living Authors Series, to discuss publishing, craft, and construction of a writing life.

Reviews Editor                                                                                                         2015-Present

Exit 7: A Journal of Literature and Art

Proposed adding reviews to Exit 7. Solicitation of books, and crafting reviews of new poetry collections by women. Developed curriculum for student reviewers for use with chapbook reviews.

“Cultivating Creative Thinkers” Keynote Address                                                 Sept. 2015

Two-Year College Association of Teachers of English-Southeast

Presented keynote address, at the Kentucky State Conference, which focused on integrating creativity into college classrooms and ways to advance creativity in expanded course offerings.

“Life after the MFA” Panelist                                                                                        July 2015           

MFA Summer Residency, Murray State University

Invited by Director Ann Neelon to participant on a panel including fellow authors Nickole Brown, Gary Jackson, Katie Mullins, and Marcus Wicker. Panel focused on writing-life balance, building community, teaching options, free-lance opportunities, and panelists’ personal post-MFA experiences.

Panel Judge                                                                                                               2014-Present

Black Lawrence Press

Currently serve as a panel judge for the Black River Chapbook Competition, which involves a first-round reading of fifty poetry and fiction chapbook submissions, and a second-round reading of selected finalists.

Associate Literary Editor                                                                                         2012-Present

Exit 7: A Journal of Literature and Art

Work in collaboration with the founding editor, Britton Shurley, at West Kentucky Community and Technical College, to solicit and review submissions by established and emerging writers for an editorial process that is unique in its involvement of community college student editors.

Series Co-founder                                                                                                  2009-Present

Rivertown Reading Series

Noted a lack of community literary activities in Paducah, Kentucky and created a series to showcase regionally and nationally published writers. Responsible for author bookings, promotion of readings through social media, and maintaining relationships with art gallery venues.

Teaching and Tutoring Experience                                                      

First Year Experience Instructor                                                                           2017-Present

West Kentucky Community and Technical College, Paducah, KY

Serve as an Appreciative Advisor and course instructor for students enrolled in FYE 105: Achieving Academic Success; assist students in reflection, strengths analysis, academic and career pathways research, guided practice in financial literacy, study skills, and utilization of campus and community resources.

First Year Experience, Transitional Education, English Adjunct Instructor       2007-2017

West Kentucky Community and Technical College, Paducah, KY

Design, and utilize Blackboard to facilitate: web-enhanced on-campus courses, hybrid courses, and fully online courses. Teach courses with non-traditional scheduling (night classes, late-start sections, hybrid courses, and summer courses). Track student success and make referrals to support services.

Courses Taught:

ENC 90: Foundations of College Writing I

ENC 91: Foundations of College Writing II

ENG 101 Writing 1: Composition

ENG 102 Writing 2: Composition

ENG 207 Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction

ENG 252: Survey of American Literature II

FYE: 105 Achieving Academic Success

HUM 120: Introduction to the Humanities

RDG 20: Improved College Reading

RDG 30: Reading for the College Classroom


College Reading and Learning Association Certified Level 2 Tutor                        2010-2016

West Kentucky Community and Technical College, Paducah KY

Design Blackboard e-community for CRLA Level 1 training modules and conduct training of newly hired Tutoring Center, TRIO, Math Lab, and Reading/Writing Lab tutors. Assist traditional and nontraditional student writers in all course areas; tutor students regarding reading strategies, study skills, and test anxiety.

Associate Instructor of English                                                                                   2004-2007

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Courses Taught:

Writing 131: English Composition

Writing 103: Introductory Creative Writing (poetry and fiction)

Writing 203: Intermediate Creative Writing (poetry)

Poetry Workshop Co-Instructor                                                                        Sept.–Dec. 2006

The John Waldron Arts Center, Bloomington, IN

Writing Tutor for Academic Communities for Excellence Program                     2001-2002

University of Calif. at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA



Indiana University, Bloomington IN

Master of Science; Literacy, Culture, and Language Education                                     2013


Indiana University, Bloomington IN

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing; Poetry                                                           2007


University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA

Bachelor of Arts in English; graduated with honors                                                       2002


Ventura Community College, Ventura CA

Associate of Arts; English concentration                                                                       2000



Book (poetry):

The Spoons in the Grass are There to Dig a Moat                                                                    2016

2014 Linda Bruckheimer Series in Kentucky Literature

Sarabande Books


Chapbooks (poetry):

Ursa Minor 

Elsewhere Magazine                                                                             forthcoming, 2018

A Series of Faults                   

Finishing Line Press                                                                                                       2014


Floating Wolf Quarterly                                                                                                 2013


            Spring 2010 Black River Chapbook Competition winner

Black Lawrence Press                                                                                                     2012


Individual Poems:

“Dear People of the Near Future”: cutlery , “Dear People of the Near Future”: lonely scientists

The Indianapolis Review                                                                                       (forthcoming)

“PB & J”, “Before the Games Begin”, “Sewn”

Ninth Letter, Southern Writers Web Edition                                                     Winter 2017

“The Little Girls and the Bear Work a Puzzle of the Earth”

Tinderbox Poetry Journal                                                                                Forthcoming

“The Apology”, “Postcard from The End”

Southern Humanities Review                                                                              Oct. 2016

“After the Fedora”, “On Earth”, “The Ocean Bank”

The American Journal of Poetry                                                                           July 2016

“Some Day We Will Be Scientists, or Farmers”

New Flash Fiction Review, Prose Poem Issue                                                      June 2016

“Marathon”, “Shoreline”

Plume                                                                                                               Spring 2016

Already at War”, “We Will Be Long Gone”, “Free Time”

South Dakota Review                                                                                        Spring 2016          

“Pre-Alice”, “A Field”, “Eyelashes as Stitches”, “Primitive Oceans”

The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review                                                                   Fall 2015

“Tuesday”, “Forecast”

pacficREVIEW                                                                                                      June 2015

“Collection”, “Pink Pigs and Orange Horses”

Squalorly                                                                                                                       2015


Iron Horse Literary Review                                                                          NaPoMo-2013


“Because I am in the Junkyard”

Willow Springs                                                                                                   Spring 2013

“Arrival”, “Teaching His Daughters”

Bellingham Review                                                                                              Spring 2012

“A Hundred Miles from the Border”, “In the Land of Milk”

The Chattahoochee Review                                                                               Spring 2012

“Waking Up With Thoughts of How to Blow Up America”

Folio                                                                                                                  Spring 2012

“When the Incredible Shrinking Woman Gets Caught in the Garbage Disposal”

Crab Creek Review                                                                                                         2011

“Lincoln at his 200th Birthday Party”

Big Muddy: A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley                                                   2011

“The Doppelgangers’ Daughter Gets Her First EKG”

Whiskey Island                                                                                                      Fall 2009

“The Doppelgangers’ Daughter Takes Down Christmas Lights”,

“The Doppelgangers’ Daughter Left Her First Husband”

Epicenter                                                                                                                      2009

“In the Kingdom of Calm”

pacficREVIEW                                                                                     2008-9 Issue

“Sitting Ducks”

Connecticut Review                                                                                               Fall 2008

“Letter from the Bottom of the World”

The Madison Review                                                                                          Spring 2007

“Yesterday Another Airplane”, “Captured”

Slipstream                                                                                                                     2007

“Son of Superman”, “Afternoon Thunderstorms”

Kudzu                                                                                                                           2007


Selected Readings                                                                                        

Featured Reader

University of Cincinnati Clermont                                                                   Oct. 2017

Featured Reader

The Kentucky Great Writers Series, The Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning, Lexington, KY                                                                                                      Oct. 2017

Featured Reader

Moster Mags of the Midwest, AWP Off site                                                     Feb. 2017

Featured Reader

Transylvania University                                                                                       Nov. 2016

Featured Reader

Spalding at 21c: Voice and Vision, Louisville, KY                                            Sept. 2016

Featured Reader

Nitty Gritty Magic City Reading Series, Birmingham, AL.                               Sept. 2016

Featured Reader

Murray State University MFA Summer Residency                                            July 2016

Featured Reader, with Ed Madden and Tina Parker

Poetrio Series, Malaprop’s Bookstore/Café, Asheville, NC.                              July 2016

Featured Reader

Kentucky Poetry Sampler, Pages & Pints Reading Series                                    June 2016

Featured Reader

Indiana University Writers’ Conference                                                               June 2016

Featured Reader

Holler Poets Series, Lexington, KY.                                                                     May 2016

Featured Reader, with Jane Wong and Gary Copeland Lilley

An Evening of Prose Poems, Seattle, WA.                                                           May 2016

Featured Reader, with Hannah Faith Notess

Queen Anne Book Company, Seattle, WA.                                                       April 2016

Featured Reader

Murray State University MFA Summer Residency                                             July 2015


Awards, Grants, Fellowships                                                               

The Kentucky Foundation for Women

Artist Enrichment Grant                                                                                               2016

Pushcart Press

Nominee; nominated by Contributing Editors                                                          2016

Pushcart Press

Nominee; nominated by Contributing Editors                                                              2013


The Kentucky Arts Council

Emerging Artist Award                                                                                                  2011


Indiana University, Bloomington

The Booth Tarkington Thesis Year Fellowship                                                        2006-7

The Yusef Komunyakaa Fellowship in Creative Writing                                         2004-6


Indiana University Writers’ Conference

The Lynda Hull Memorial Poetry Scholarship                                                           2006


Maurice Manning

Bob Bledsoe

Romayne Rubinas Dorsey

Mason Tudor